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YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Just 100 little calories could be the difference between your body today and your body 2 weeks from now — slimmer, firmer … up to 5, 10, even 15 pounds lighter! Just imagine stepping on the scale … and finally seeing your DREAM WEIGHT staring back at you. YOU CAN DO IT … and THE 100 can help.

Put your body back into balance with THE 100.

Utilizing up-to-the-minute scientific research, THE 100 connects the dots between a high-sugar diet, elevated insulin levels, and fat storage … and how keeping track of just 100 sugar calories is the key to breaking this fat-boosting cycle.

Sugar + insulin = excess fat storage

Research has shown that toxic levels of sugar in the diet lead to high levels of insulin in the blood. This excess insulin tells fat cells to soak up fat and protein like a sponge, literally padding your body with fat before your meal is even finished. THE 100 shows you how to break this lethal pattern of fat storage once and for all!

Get off the sugar merry-go-round — FOR GOOD!

The cutting-edge eating plan revealed in THE 100 makes it easy to get off the high-sugar treadmill and get back to a way of eating that is more in line with our biological wiring. You’ll love that most foods are “freebies” and don’t require counting. The only calories you’ll ever count are sugar calories.

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THE 100 lets you enjoy all your favorite foods — just by counting the sugar calories. All other calories are free to eat! That means no limiting, portioning, or avoiding many of your favorite foods. THE 100 could possibly be the easiest, most delicious diet plan you’ve ever tried. Experience THE 100 FREE for 21 days and dig into…

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FABULOUS FREEBIES like cheese, nuts, chicken, seafood, steak, bacon, sausage, ham, turkey, eggs, butter, Greek yogurt, and almost every vegetable you can imagine!

LOW-CARB FAVORITES like Baja Avocado Turkey Salad, Grilled Eggplant Steak Kebabs, Greek Baked Chicken Breast, Creamy New England Shrimp Salad, Country Omelet Muffins, Grilled Chicken Dijon, Bacon Lover’s Chef Salad, Pan-Fried Chicken Balsamic, Tex-Mex Salsa Omelet, Grilled Tilapia Salad, Zucchini Turkey Bake, and more!

PLUS chocolate, wine, pizza, bread, pasta, muffins, chips, cookies, crackers, cake, ice cream, fruit, cereal, peanut butter, potatoes, beer, and more — just count the sugar calories!

Try this New York Times bestseller for yourself and discover how to:

Lose up to 5, 10, even 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks!

Never go hungry.

Regain control over your sweet tooth.

Keep eating your favorite foods — just count the sugar calories!

Never exercise — unless you want to.

Reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

This is your chance to WELCOME BACK your skinny jeans, little black dresses, and sleeveless tops once again. Then REJOICE as you send stubborn belly fat packing once and for all!

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A typical person using the program described in THE 100 can expect a safe and healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

“What really determines the number on the scale, and changing it, is the type of food you choose to eat and how your body reacts to that food.” —THE 100, Page 45

Jorge Cruise is a #1 New York Times best-selling author whose mission is to guarantee weight loss for busy people. Science has proven that fitness begins in the kitchen, not the gym. By merging breakthrough dietary science with great taste, he produced THE 100 program.

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